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It is without a doubt that for any keen investor, the next growth frontier is in Africa. As such, the African market presents a huge and attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking alternative middle to long-term returns.



Despite the investment market in Africa having high and stable returns, only a few institutional players serve the market. Artech is therefore focused on delivering alternative high yielding returns in these markets, while providing the best client service and always protecting our clients’ interests. We offer an alternative high yielding investment solution mainly to high net worth individuals,Groups (Chamas) and Corporates who are interested in investment solutions that offer superior returns. We do this through our structured product, The Artech High Yield Fund(AHYF). The ARTECH HIGH YIELD FUND (AHYF) is an Investment Scheme that has a high allocation towards investment in interest bearing assets,which have an ability to deliver higher returns than those from the traditional assets.The investment objective of AHYF is both capital gain as well as preservation. To achieve this, the Fund’s objective is to offer alternative solutions that outperform the income yields available from the traditional investments.

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  • Artech high yield fund is structured in packages and this will help any investor at any level to enjoy the high yield rates offered in the market.

Fill the subscription form, provide the required documents, and Deposit the investment funds into the bank:


  • It is an alternative low-risk investment that gives high-interest returns.
  • Provides Capital preservation
  • Oversight by Custodian – The fund has a separate custodian ensures that the fund operates in accordance with the regulations.
  • Ease of withdrawal of funds for the investor
  • You can easily top up your investment through MPESA pay-bill below; Account AHYF:
  • The client is issued with a Certificate Of Deposit as proof of the contract.


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