Kijana Café

Kijana Café is a mobile semi- recreational and learning platform and approach, where people come to bear witness and listen to youth’s state of the art ideas/solutions and stories.

Kijana Cafe intends to fuse knowledge brokers and youth together in a simplified setting, to expound ideas to fruition. It is a tailored platform that attracts organizations and individuals with interests in mentoring/coaching young people and building a sustainable partnership.

Kijana Café components:
Youth meetups:
Opportunities to pitch and discuss project ideas to peers and experts, and to receive feedback on how to improve and develop their plans
Coaching and mentorship sessions:
Contact with designated mentors in addition to centre staff provide young people with ongoing support and empowerment to become positive changemakers.
A programme of events to showcase young talent to Tanzanian professionals, from stand-up nights and storytelling events to networking and talks.
Outdoor coaching(Humility Journey):
Outdoor activities to foster connections with Tanzania's natural beauty, and build grit, problem-solving skills and resilience.
Training and skills assessment tools:
Online and offline courses to enhance productivity, including: visual thinking; vi sual communication; design thinking; reading and writing skills, and digital skills.


Bridge for Change is an NGO led by a team of Tanzanian youth. It focuses to empower young people and youth on livelihood, education, and civic space engagement as key thematic areas of the organization.

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