Kijana Perspective

It is our desire to raise the voice of youth on contemporary issues resulted from policy reforms, administrative orders, government reforms, and global trends. Youth in some contexts feel marginalized and excluded in development matters, and disheartened with problems constraining their welfare. This has led to the low number of youth actively participating in development initiatives, an increased number of indecent jobs as well as limited practical skills necessary for them to break into the labor market coupled with a decreased sense of responsibility and other negative trickle-down effects.

This project, therefore, amplifies the voice of youth through community local settings and media to educate, promote alternative policies or behavior or practices, and advocate for change at the local and national levels on issues constraining the welfare of youth in Tanzania. The project consists of a range of topics on issues constraining the welfare of youth in all spheres of lives, with a particular focus on decision making, decent jobs, self-employment, educational and health issues.


Bridge for Change is an NGO led by a team of Tanzanian youth. It focuses to empower young people and youth on livelihood, education, and civic space engagement as key thematic areas of the organization.

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