Ajira Plus

Ajira Plus aims in contributing towards reducing unemployment and poverty among youth, by addressing practices and myths constraining the participation of youth in the agricultural sector.

We capacitate youth to maximize their potential in the agricultural sector that serves as an economic undertaking for their welfare, with the main goal of strengthening the participation of youth in sustainable agriculture for job creation and improved livelihoods.

Knowing there is a general increasing trend of agriculture to be practiced by older people over time as a survival strategy to redress their livelihood challenges, we simply could not stand by and do nothing. The effective participation of youth in agriculture is at risk due to high opportunity costs, barriers to entry, and few interventions that take into consideration promising practices for improving young people’s living conditions, values, and attitudes through agriculture.

This project aims to strengthen youth participation in sustainable agriculture for reducing unemployment and improving livelihoods, by capitalizing on their interests and demonstrating the broad income-generating opportunities across its value chains.


Bridge for Change is an NGO led by a team of Tanzanian youth. It focuses to empower young people and youth on livelihood, education, and civic space engagement as key thematic areas of the organization.

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