Career Network Support

Bridge for change works towards inspiring and empowering young people to be innovative, take initiative, and take ownership of their future through facilitating self-realization/ self-awareness and working collaboratively with them. This is done through our programs called Career Network support (CNS)

CNS is a program that we run in secondary schools to help young people understand who they are, where their potential lies, and then start to work towards their future by coming up with ways to take action to address the problems they see in their community. This program is a full 3 months’ course involving 3 stages followed by one final extra stage of forming clubs to ensure dissemination of skills and ensuring the sustainability of the program.

Stages involved include:
Self-discovery workshops:
Takes students through activities to help them discover their identities, interests and potentials. They learn their identities, personality and questions to keep on asking themselves so as to discover more about themselves and their potentials and skills. They also learn about planning for short time as well as long term by S.M.A.R.T goal setting template, problem solving and decision making as well as get career information to show them which career options are available out there.
Think big challenge:
Involves exposing students to a world of problem solving by allowing them to identify problems in their schools and create solutions to solve those problems. These students form groups of four hence a team to work on their solution, while they are being guided step by step. This challenge helps them develop a sense of responsibility to their communities as well as think beyond the problem they observe daily. This stage put emphasis on taking initiatives, team working, creativity and problem solving.
Dream sharing:
Event which is a series of events aiming at linking youth with other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly engaged with matters concerning young people. In these events young people are given a chance to showcase their work, give feedback on different youth programs and how they have impacted them as well as air out their voice to share what they think is important to them. Also other stakeholders get a chance to hear straight from young people the challenges they face and what can be done to really provide solutions. Also participants get an opportunity to network with professionals working in different careers they aspire to be in, this allows them to share their interests and learn what it takes to reach a certain career


Bridge for Change is an NGO led by a team of Tanzanian youth. It focuses to empower young people and youth on livelihood, education, and civic space engagement as key thematic areas of the organization.

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